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Warnings: Blood and possibly torture. A bit of spoilers from Chapter 9: Homecoming (not exactly a retelling of the episode though). Also Sylar, he's a warning in itself.

Effects: (Optional; Not interactive) Absolute fear and terror. There's also the feeling of your skin being cut off starting from your forehead. Then the feeling of every bone in your body broken slowly.

Note: Bloody parts filtered from the youngins.

You can't hide from me forever... )
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Warnings: Spoilers for Chapter 17: Company Man. Sappiness.
Effects: [Optional] There's an underlying sadness, but it changes to contentment in the end.

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[Surprise! Surprise! A broadcast not about the veggie menace. The video bleeps on with a very close up image of Claire adjusting the camera of her Dreamberry, unaware that what she was going to record for the high school cheering squad has become a public broadcast. She backs off, satisfied that the image wasn't crooked.

She disappears off-screen for a moment, giving the viewer a clear view where she was. To the people who are familiar with the public high school can recognize it as the gym (If the blue floor mats weren't any indication). It couldn't be seen but Claire was hooking up her MP3 player to a set of computer speakers she borrowed from a friend. When she appears back on-screen, a techno intro can be heard faintly in the background.

The girl starts to move, throwing and pumping her arms to the beat, counting the beats under her breath. She then adds her legs, kicking and bending. She gives a small jump, landing in a perfect split. She brings her legs together and pushes herself off the ground, running to the opposite side of the screen. Anyone who happens to tune in right at this minute can see Claire performing a cartwheel, followed by a back handspring, and finishing off with an aerial.

After finishing that combination, Claire lets out a breath, going back to the middle of the mat in order to try out some more moves.

Are you, the viewer, going to point out that this video is public or sit back, relax and watch?]

((ooc: Fair warning, my knowledge of cheerleading only extends to what I have watched in Bring It On and Hellcats. Sorry if this is inaccurate. |Da;))
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[It wasn't obvious, but a certain blonde teenager has been having trouble turning the Dreamberry on for the last few minutes. The viewer will see why in a moment.]

[The video turns on and Claire can be seen wearing a rather familiar costume. That was the first source of her irritation. The second was...]

What the hell's going on?! Why am I--

[*CRACK*] ... Dammit!

[The video feed disappears, a few mumbled swear words can be heard. It looks like Claire also gained super strength and broke the Dreamberry when she squeezed the device in her hand. Whoopee.]

[HEAVY HEAVE OF BREATH.] Oh wow. Somarium has a really bad sense of humor.
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Warnings: I guess minor spoilers for Chapter Nine: Homecoming. Claire KO'ing Jackie Wilcox probably counts too. XD
Effects: At first, shock and then just the sweet, sweet satisfaction of punching a bitchy cheerleader in the face.

((ooc: This takes place before Claire gets sleep coma'd. >w>;; I had this idea for a long time and this week's theme is perfect for it 8D))

Mmm, is the gay boy your date? You should tell him, only one of you gets to wear the tiara. )

[Claire wasn't going to lie. That was probably one of her best dreams ever. She curls up on her side, unaware that the Dreamberry was glowing after recording her dream.]
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[The video switches on to a pair of green eyes blinking into the camera. Claire then moves the Dreamberry little farther back and now her whole face can be seen. She lets out a long breath before speaking.]

So... Is this how Somarium greets its newcomers? Floating castles crash into the ground and a worldwide power outage to boot?

Wow. Some welcome.
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[Character Name] Claire Bennet
[Canon] Heroes
[Point Taken from Canon] Post Volume 1: Genesis, Chapter Twenty-Three "How to Stop an Exploding Man"

[Age] 16 in-game
[Gender] Female
[Sexual Orientation] Straight. Season 4!Claire is a different story.

[Eye Color] Green
[Hair Color] Blonde
[Height] 5'1"
[Other] She has a piercing on the upper part of her left ear.
[Clothing] Cheerleading uniform, Normal clothing

My own private freak show )


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Claire Bennet